My name is Kayla Slater, a new registered dietitian in PA. I grew up in a small town in Central NY.  Here is my story….

I always knew I wanted to have an impact on people and society by helping others, but I didn’t always know how. After graduating high school, I received and accepted a scholarship to Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. I enrolled as an English major, became a member of many clubs, a sorority, and cross country. But even though I had made friends and a life for myself, I felt lost and unsure of where my future was going.

At the time, more people were becoming aware of nutrition and health. And I realized how important health was to me. Growing up, no matter how busy we were with sports and extracurricular activities, my mother always made a home-cooked dinner. I adapted a healthier eating style than many of my friends. Except one of my good friends who lost weight by adapting a lifestyle similar to mine. At the time, I didn’t know why I adapted a healthier lifestyle at a young age, but as I grew, I realized that taking care of yourself was important. In the media, adults and children were overweight, obese, and developing type 2 diabetes. And I was impacted by diabetes and cancer in my family. Cancer, Diabetes, and chronic diseases impact people’s quality of lives. So I wondered, can’t they be prevented? Was it as easy as eating a healthy diet and exercise? I realized I wanted to know more about the role that nutrition and fitness had on taking care of our bodies. By becoming a Registered Dietitian, I would have the opportunity to do just that.

In Spring of 2011, I enrolled in SUNY Oneonta’s Didactic Dietetics program and continued on in SUNY Oneonta’s Nutrition/Dietetics MS-DI program. I am interested in working in clinical, community/public health, or sports nutrition.



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